Master Craft Homes, CA

The Client’s parcel of land was adjacent to a general aviation airport and was to be developed into a multi family residential area. The Client retained WAC to perform an Airspace and Obstruction and TERPS analysis on the site, to evaluate the project from an FAR Part 150 Noise Study standpoint and against the Riverside County Airport Land Use Committee (ALUC) guidelines. The Airspace and Obstruction analysis provided the developer with data as to which lots would be suitable for residential use. The FAR Part 150 analysis provided the Client with data regarding the placement of residential units on the lots that would ensure that the units were not in the higher level noise contours. The Client was provided with a technical report for each study point on the proposed property as well as an extensive final report which addressed all Federal, State, County and local issues related to the project and provided the Client with several mitigation measures to ensure compatibility with the airport’s operations.


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