Al MacKinnon – Aviation Consultant

Mr. MacKinnon recently formed International Airspace Management and Training Inc to provide airspace management, instrument procedure design, obstacle limitation surface analyses aeronautical safety studies and associated training.  Recent past positions include being the Vice President International operations for Williams Aviation Consultants, Inc and immediately prior to that Director Procedure Development, Innovative Solutions International.  In these former positions, he was responsible for section administration, budgeting, marketing, project support and personnel training.  Formerly as the president of MacKinnon Aerospace & Training, Inc. Mr MacKinnon has provided national and international training and consultancy services in many facets of aerospace management.  Previously, he was the section manager responsible for all air traffic management activities within Serco Aviation Systems Inc., Consulting Division.  His duties actively involved marketing, project management and training specialties.  With over 22 years of middle and senior aviation management experience with the Canadian Forces, he also has a Transport Canada, Airline Transport Pilot-Helicopter/ Senior Commercial Pilot Licence.  Mr MacKinnon’s operational experience together with his project management, marketing, instructional and extensive aviation management expertise makes him a key resource.  Mr. MacKinnon is acknowledged as one of the leading international specialists in airspace management.  Moreover, he has achieved international recognition in air traffic management, development of instrument approach procedures, and specialist training.


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