Bruce J. Greer – Air Traffic Management, ATC Equipment

Mr. Greer is an aviation professional with over 35 years of air traffic management, staff, and operational experience. He is especially skilled in the implementation and development of the Federal Aviation Administration’s National Airspace System (NAS) as it relates to the improvement and technology insertion at the National level. He has developed independent (stand alone) automation systems currently being used in NAS. He was responsible for routine deployment and implementation of nationally developed systems, such as Display System Replacement (DSR) and Voice Switch Communication Systems (VSCS). He served as Program Office Site Representative for Free Flight Phase 1 programs, such as Traffic Management Advisor, User Request Evaluation Tool, and Controller Pilot Data Link Communication at Los Angeles ARTCC. He has also been involved in the ARTS IIIE MOSAIC development, AMASS program, FDIO, ESIS.


Areas of Expertise

  • Free Flight Programs (TMA)
  • Terminal Air Traffic Control Specialist at various locations
  • Enroute Air Traffic Control Specialist at Various locations
  • Enroute and Terminal Automation Specialist with various systems
  • Various field Terminal and Enroute Staff Specialist positions
  • Regional Automation Specialist
  • Regional Requirements Specialist
  • Supervisory Air Traffic Control Specialist
  • Manager of a Level I Tower
  • Assistant Manager of a Level IV TRACON


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