Charles W. Hannon Jr.

Experience :

2012 – Present . Certified Air traffic Control Instructor working for Raytheon at the New York TRACON in Westbury, New York. Also, an Air Traffic Control – Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI) , Instructor at Vaughn College of Aeronautics, Flushing, New York.

2009 – 2012 . Dynamic Science, Inc. New York ARTCC, Ronkonkoma, New York. Contract Site Supervisor and Certified Instructor 2. I managed and coordinated the ATC Training for the New York Center. Provided classroom and dynamic simulation instruction and evaluation for developmental and transferring CPC’s. Updated and maintained training materials, simulator scenario’s and controllers skills in accordance with the FAA and facility standards. Provided proficiency and skill enhancement training to certified CPC’s as needed.

1990 – 2006. FAA FLM/Operations Supervisor, LaGuardia Area, New York TRACON, Westbury, New York. I was responsible to supervise 12 to 15 ATCS’s within the LaGuardia Area of the NY TRACON. I provided leadership, counseling and coaching while implementing the safe, orderly and expeditious flow of ATC services to all system users.

1988 – 1990. JFK Regional Office, Air Traffic Division, Operations Specialist. I assisted the facility managers of LGA/JFK/EWR towers on the daily operations of their facilities. I served as the Eastern Region SUPCOM representative for the Air Traffic Division Manager, AEA-500. I conducted the ATC Academy Screen and Placement program in OKC.

1986 – 1988. FAA FLM/Operations Supervisor, LaGuardia Tower, Flushing, New York. I provided leadership and counseling to a team of professional ATC’s within LaGuardia Tower. Activated crash and rescue personnel when required. Served as the lead supervisor for the LaGuardia Tower Upgrade study.

1984 – 1986. Air Traffic Control Specialist, LaGuardia Area, New York TRACON, Westbury, New York. Provided highly skilled ATC services to all system users utilizing LGA and HPN airports. Served on the LGA Area Human Relations Committee.

1981 – 1984. Air Traffic Control Specialist, LaGuardia Tower

1975 – 1979. United States Air Force, Air Traffic Control Specialist, Plattsburgh Tower, Plattsburgh, New York.


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