Robert McGrath

Colonel Robert McGrath has 36 years of combined Military and FAA experience.  He served as an air traffic controller in the military and was commissioned in February 1987. His military service provided a wide range of experience and built his expertise as an aviation professional.  In October 2007 he assumed command of the 145th Combat Operations Group and for the past 18 months he has supported the 17th Air Force with their Partnership for Peace efforts in Rwanda. Robert was selected to Co-Chair the Eastern Service Area Airspace/Range Executive Council in October 2010

In addition to an outstanding military career, Robert began a career with the FAA as an air traffic controller at the Memphis Air Route Traffic Control Center which is responsible for air traffic control in one of the busiest air corridors in the US. He has held various positions within the Center including Traffic Management Specialist, operational supervisor and military liaison specialist. His service includes tours in Washington FAA Headquarters in the ATO-110 (Operations Branch) and ATR-120 (Requirements Branch).  In August 2011he was selected for an assignment in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Office AJV-13 in Washington, DC.


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