Al MacKinnon – Vice President of International Operations

Mr. MacKinnon is acknowledged as one of the leading international specialists in airspace management. Moreover, he has achieved international recognition in air traffic management, development of instrument approach procedures, conducting aeronautical safety studies and instrument procedure specialist training. He is unique in that he has expertise and is knowledgeable in both International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) PANS-OPS, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) TERPS criteria and associated ICAO/FAA airport obstacle limitation surface criteria for runway operations. At the request of the FAA, he participated in the team to establish precision approach criteria which has been adopted by both the FAA and Transport Canada. He also assisted the FAA in rewriting both non-precision and helicopter approach criteria. Mr. MacKinnon’s operational experience, together with his project management, marketing, instructional and extensive aviation management expertise, makes him a key resource in CNS/ATM and airport airside master planning.



  • Canadian Forces – Personnel Management/Senior Management Development
  • Decision Process International, Management Process Methodologies
  • UAE General Civil Aviation Authority, Aeronautical Flight Procedure Design Certification
  • Airline Transport Pilot-Helicopter/Senior Commercial Pilot Licences
  • Virtual Prototyping, Virtual Applications Prototyping System Course
  • SIMMOD Airport/Airspace Simulation Modelling, CACI
  • WAVIONIX Procedure Designer
  • AutoCAD Level I Certification
  • United States Air Force, Terminal Instrument Procedures, Honours Graduate


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