Barry A. Yurtis – Vice President of Domestic Operations

Mr. Yurtis’ qualifications as an aviation Subject Matter Expert include over 35 years of aviation experience. Included in those are over 25 years of air traffic control experience obtained as a Controller, Staff Specialist, Supervisor, Facility Manager, and Branch Manager with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). He also has vast experience in both civilian and military aviation as a civilian commercial pilot and flight instructor, and as a U.S. Marine Corps Naval Flight Officer. Barry’s air traffic control experience includes radar and non-radar training and certifications in Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC), with specific controller experience gained at Memphis ARTCC and Los Angeles ARTCC. In addition, he has broad staff experience in quality assurance, airspace, procedures, and military operations at FAA field facilities and regional headquarters.


As FAA Western-Pacific Regional Air Traffic Quality Assurance/Safety Manager, he conducted hundreds of reviews of air traffic controller and system performance following aircraft accidents, near mid-air collisions, runway incursions, operational errors and pilot deviations. In these reviews, Mr. Yurtis evaluated the quality of air traffic control services provided by Airport Traffic Control Towers (ATCTs), Terminal Radar Approach Control facilities (TRACONs), FAA Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCCs), and Automated Flight Service Stations (AFSSs). These reviews included an assessment of air traffic controller performance, the correct operation of equipment, the adequacy and application of air traffic control procedures, the performance of the air traffic control system in general and an assessment of pilot actions related to non-compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations.


As Regional Quality Assurance/Safety Manager, Barry participated in numerous NTSB-led aircraft accident investigations including Korean Air 801 (Guam), Philippine Air 110 (Guam), N146PM/N8604N (North Las Vegas, NV), N304PA (Julian CA), N1828A/N7199U (Carlsbad, CA), N206TV/N442RH (Torrance, CA) and N30DK (San Diego, CA). During his tenure as Los Angeles ARTCC Air Traffic Manager, Mr. Yurtis conducted an independent management review of controller performance following the commercial aircraft accident involving Alaska 231.


Throughout his career, Mr. Yurtis participated in numerous evaluations of FAA and military air traffic control facilities, with a focus on air traffic controller performance, airspace utilization, adequacy of procedures and adherence to FAA directives. He has held positions as Safety Manager, Western Terminal Operations (formerly Manager, Quality Assurance Staff, FAA Western-Pacific Region), Air Traffic Manager, Los Angeles ARTCC, and Acting Manager, Reno ATCT/TRACON, and notably, was Chairman of the FAA National Terminal Quality Assurance Board. This board’s charter was national in scope, and tasked with the integration of quality assurance procedures, practices, and policies into the newly-organized Terminal Operations Division of the Air Traffic Organization. The Board was also tasked with devising and implementing national initiatives for the reduction of the number and severity of operational errors in the terminal environment.


The Special Use Airspace (SUA) associated with Twenty-Nine Palms Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS), of which Los Angeles ARTCC is the Controlling Agency, is contained within the Los Angeles ARTCC airspace. As Air Traffic Manager, Los Angeles ARTCC, Mr. Yurtis was ultimately responsible for all military/FAA agreements concerning SUA management and operations. This responsibility extended well beyond the Twenty-Nine Palms SUA to encompass all types of SUA, such as Restricted Areas, ATCAA, Military Operating Areas, and Alert Areas contained within the Los Angeles Airspace.


Mr. Yurtis also has extensive experience in military and civilian aviation. Barry served in the United States Marine Corps as a Naval Flight Officer aboard the A-6 Intruder and as a civilian commercial pilot; logging over 2500 flight hours in multi-engine aircraft. He managed a general aviation Fixed Base Operation (FBO) and developed multiple FAR Part 135 (Air Taxi) and 141 (FAA Approved Flight School) Operations Manuals for two separate companies, while simultaneously procuring operational approvals for both entities. Mr. Yurtis is a rated FAA-Certified Ground Instructor.


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