Carol A. Williams – Chief Financial Officer



Ms. Williams gained experience and knowledge of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) through various job assignments within the agency. She worked in the Flight Standards, Air Traffic, Airway Facilities and FAA Technical Center’s Development Divisions.


Ms. Williams served as Administrative Officer of the High Desert Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON), a civilian FAA air traffic control facility located at Edwards AFB, CA. During her tenure, Ms. Williams was charged with oversight of building maintenance, conducted by Air Force officials. In this position, she dealt directly with various military facilities management offices and when required, arranged for FAA reimbursement of Air Force funds expended to accomplish modifications and repairs.


She was also charged with budget management for personnel, benefits and compensation. She served as Security Officer for the entire facility and provided information, training and counseling on matters involving Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Affirmative Action, and Sexual Harassment. Ms. Williams administered the U.S. Air Force/FAA Reimbursable Agreement in which the Air Force funded a portion of controller costs in the facility.


As Administrative Officer at the FAA Technical Center, Ms. Williams was responsible for the financial management of division expenditures relating to personnel, compensation and benefits, as well as expenditures and reimbursables related to research and development projects. Duties included budget development, attrition planning, contractor hiring, and contract management with individual vendors within the division. She served a division with six branches and approximately 120 personnel with an annual budget in excess of $100 million dollars.


Ms. Williams served as Program Analyst in the Airway Facilities Division of the FAA’s Western-Pacific Region. She was responsible for development and implementation of the Division’s personnel information system; providing training, guidance and problem-solving support to field stations within the Western United States and the Pacific. Other duties included budget submission, preparation of Requests for Proposals, financial reviews, project tracking, and coordination with affected divisions within the FAA and outside interest groups.


Carol had responsibility for all FAA facilities at the Grand Canyon Airport, where the FAA provided the control tower and housing for employees through a lease agreement with the U.S. Forest Service. Ms. Williams was successful in negotiating for three additional lots in the U.S. Forest Service compound for FAA personnel. She secured bids for housing and managed the overall process, so housing would be immediately available when personnel arrived. Ms. Williams also managed home expansion of eight existing homes at Grand Canyon Airport and was charged with negotiating with governing agencies, allocating funds, approving expenditures, and completing construction within budget and within the agreed-upon timeframes.


A seasoned negotiator and procurement specialist, Ms. Williams directly impacted the successful relocation of FAA facilities in Hawaii. The air traffic control facilities in Honolulu, HI were not co-located. The radar control building was located in the crater at Diamond Head and the Tower was located on Hickam AFB. Through a Congressional mandate, the FAA had to move from the crater within a three-year time period. The Airway Facilities Division, under Ms. Williams’ guidance, was responsible for construction of the new joint facility. Carol had responsibility for obtaining access to the facility through Hickam AFB, which required meetings with key military officials and their logistics/maintenance officers to determine routes, easements, and construction and material costs. Ms. Williams negotiated the efficient sharing of material and labor costs between the FAA and military for the construction of a three-mile roadway. She also successfully procured military road maintenance during facility construction.


Ms. Williams is currently working as Manager for two aviation firms specializing in items related to FAA maintenance and equipment, and has been successful locating and procuring equipment for airport clients at little or no cost. She is well-versed in the budget process, project management and tracking systems within the FAA, as well as in the relationships that exist between air traffic, airway facilities, unions, airport sponsors and political representatives.


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