Thomas S. Kamman – Senior Vice President of Operations

Mr. Kamman supervised and conducted airspace design reviews for all facilities within the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Western-Pacific Region, which included California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Guam, and the Pacific Islands. He assisted in environmental review processes for the region and represented the FAA in customer meetings regarding environmental impact and mitigation measures. Tom supervised all regional airspace analyses projects, airspace design changes, and procedural modifications within the Region to ensure compliance with National and Regional FAA directives. He served as the Region’s expert on airspace management and development issues, including modeling, efficiency, and airport demand and capacity analyses. Additionally, he oversaw implementation of airspace and procedural changes at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and coordinated activities between facilities, management, and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA). Mr. Kamman also represented the FAA at hearings dealing with airspace issues in the Federal Court system.


He managed Air Traffic operations at San Diego Lindbergh (SAN), San Diego Brown (SDM), Gillespie (SEE), Montgomery (MYF), and Palomar (CRQ) airports. Tom served as liaison between FAA Regional Headquarters personnel and Airport Management in matters related to aviation and air traffic control. He was responsible for sight location, design approval, equipment placement, and construction oversight of a new control tower at SAN airport and provided management oversight for installation of new administrative and operational communications systems in the control towers at SDM, SEE, MYF, and CRQ airports, including D-Brite Radar at SDM and SEE. He also developed special airspace and procedural changes associated with the Super Bowl, Americas Cup Yacht Race, World Series, and X Games.


Tom was responsible for development and implementation of all airspace and procedural changes, as well as all required automation and equipment modifications for the San Diego area. He also was responsible for design of the Class B airspace and attendant procedures. He developed and managed installation of four new operational positions within the Terminal Radar Control (TRACON) and a new state-of-the-art administrative phone system. Mr. Kamman served as military liaison for the FAA Western-Pacific Region and FAA Headquarters on matters dealing with San Diego-area military airspace and procedural matters, as well as special military missions and Special Use Airspace utilization. He assisted in preparation of international Letters of Agreement with the Mexican Air Traffic Control System officials and worked closely with states bordering the U.S.; he provided support to the U.S. Customs Service for drug interdiction efforts and assisted other agencies requiring interface and coordination with the FAA.


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