Aircraft Accident Litigation / Associated Air Traffic Controller Actions

Aircraft accidents are tragic events which often and regrettably result in serious injury and death.  Inevitably, the questions that follow include “How did this aircraft accident happened?” and “Could this accident have been avoided?”  Or, “Were the actions or inactions of air traffic controllers a contributing cause of the aircraft accident?”  Williams Aviation Consultants, Inc provides exceptional, independent air traffic control experts specializing in aircraft accident litigation involving air traffic controller actions that can help provide answers to these questions.


Williams Aviation Consultants, Inc experts include a former Air Traffic Control Safety Manager for the Federal Aviation Administration, having conducted hundreds of reviews of air traffic controller and system performance following aircraft accidents, near mid-air collisions, runway incursions, operational errors and pilot deviations. Our extensive expertise combined with expert witness testimony makes our services invaluable in the arena of aircraft accident litigation involving Air Traffic Controller actions.


In these reviews, our experts evaluated the quality of air traffic controller actions and services provided by Airport Traffic Control Towers, Terminal Radar Approach Control facilities, Air Route Traffic Control Centers and Automated Flight Service Stations.  These reviews included an assessment of air traffic controller actions and performance, the correct operation of equipment, the adequacy and application of air traffic control procedures and the performance of the air traffic control system in general. 


Our air traffic control experts have participated in numerous NTSB-led aircraft accident investigations including Korean Air 801 (Guam), Philippine Air 110 (Guam), N146PM/N8604N (North Las Vegas, NV), N304PA (Julian CA), N1828A/N7199U (Carlsbad, CA), N206TV/N442RH (Torrance, CA) and N30DK (San Diego, CA). 


Williams’ air traffic control experts are available to assist with various phases of aviation litigation, including evaluating the merits of a potential case, litigation strategy, research, education and court testimony.  Williams’ has a track record of serving attorneys, individuals and government agencies in the area of aircraft accident litigation involving Air Traffic Controller actions.


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