Aircraft Accident Litigation / Pilot Actions

Aircraft accidents are tragic events which often and regrettably result in serious injury and death.  Inevitably, the questions that follow include “How did this aircraft accident happened?” and “Could this accident have been avoided?”  Or, “Were the actions or inactions of pilots a contributing cause of the aircraft accident?”  Williams Aviation Consultants, Inc provides exceptional, independent pilot experts specializing in aircraft accident litigation involving pilot actions that can help provide answers to these questions.

Williams’ experts possess extensive experience in military and civilian commercial aviation.  Our pilot experts have served in the United States Air Force and the United States Marine Corps.  Their pilot experience includes a former airline captain with 25 years and over 9000 hours of military and civilian flying, instructing, and management in both the domestic and international markets.  Our extensive expertise combined with expert witness testimony makes our services invaluable in the arena of aircraft accident litigation involving pilot actions.

In addition to commercial general aviation, our expert’s expertise includes B-737 Senior Flight Examiner, Functional Test Pilot, Captain and Instructor; MD-88 First Officer, B-727 Second Officer, DC-10 Senior Flight Examiner, DC-10 Pilot and instructor, and A-6 Intruder tactical jet operations.

Williams’ pilot experts are available to assist with various phases of aviation litigation, including evaluating the merits of a potential case, litigation strategy, research, education and court testimony.  Williams’ has a track record of serving attorneys, individuals and government agencies in the area of aircraft accident litigation involving pilot actions.


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