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Williams Aviation Consultants Inc. is an Arizona based aviation consulting firm with interests in several areas of the national and international market including obstruction evaluation (OE/AAA), air traffic management, airport design/EIS analysis, aircraft leasing and sales, training, expert witness testimony, PANS-OPS, OLS and CNS/ATM to name a few.


Williams Aviation Consultants, Inc. is committed to providing a credible and complete analysis of issues that are of interest and concern to our clients.  Our goal is to provide innovative and workable solutions to aviation and air traffic related problems.  Our aviation consultants have a vast amount of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) experience and expertise gained through serving in Senior Executive Service and senior management positions in various locations and capacities throughout the United States.


Our aviation consultants maintain an awareness of the aviation activities that occurs both on the national and international scenes.  Williams Aviation Consultants Inc. maintains a close working relationship with personnel in FAA Headquarters and on Capitol Hill.  By staying abreast of aviation activity at the local, regional and national level, we are able to identify issues and propose solutions before the issues become unsolvable problems.


Williams Aviation Consultants, Inc. is dedicated to ensuring that our customers are well informed and provided with clear, concise and timely information.  Our aviation consultants pride themselves on finding sound solutions to difficult and diverse problems and we ensure that our recommendations are workable and can be implemented into today’s aviation system.



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