Aircraft Sales and Leasing

Aircraft purchases are a giant commitment for any business and require meticulous attention to detail to ensure companies get the most for their money.  Williams Aviation Consultants, Inc provides a unique one-stop-shop approach to Aircraft Sales and Leasing.  Our vast network of legal experts, aviation accountants, aircraft distributors, aircraft inspectors makes it possible for us to provide complete “A-to-Z” Aircraft Sales and Leasing services for a fixed price, at a fraction of industry-standard pricing.


Williams Aviation Consultants, Inc experts include a former Director of Operations for an Air Charter company, military and civilian airline pilots, aviation attorneys, aircraft procurement and marketing specialists, and a credentialed Master Aviation Instructor.


We offer aircraft lease versus buy comparison services, needs analyses, aircraft comparison analyses relating to performance and cost, acceptance inspections, trade-in assistance, aircraft registration, interest-bearing escrow accounts, and all services associated with certificate issuance and transfer.


Aircraft leasing also requires a professional entity’s participation to ensure the process goes smoothly, legally, and cost-effectively.  We offer services relating to FAR Part 135 leases, Fractional Ownership (FAR Part 91K), Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance (ACMI) leases, and pure Air Charter assistance. 


Williams’ experts are available to assist with all phases of Aircraft Sales and Leasing.  We can ensure your aircraft are purchased and based in locations that provide the maximum tax benefits allowed by law.  We can further assist with basing support, hangar design and approval, and staffing for both flying and non-flying positions. 


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