Noise Attenuation

Noise attenuation is effective in curtailing noise complaints from residents and property owners.  In areas where there are recognized noise impacts (65 DNL or above) soundproofing and other noise attenuation measures can be effective. 


Normal construction methods and codes normally provide an indoor noise level reduction to 45 dB or less which is well within the guidelines for noise reduction in areas impacted by noise.


The United States Congress authorized the Federal Aviation Administration in 1979 to devise technology and programs for the attenuation of noise for homes around airports.  The program has been effective for attenuation in school and residential interiors.


The principal technology is a computer model which simulates the dissemination of aircraft noise and it incursion into buildings.  Differing aircraft types, flight routes and local weather can be evaluated along with alternative building reconstruction strategies such as reroofing, window upgrades, fireplace noise suppression, caulking of seams and other retrofitting measures for noise attenuation. 


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