SEL (Single Event Noise Exposure Level)

Single Event Noise is the sound level produced by a single aircraft at a particular measuring point, recorded between the event’s initial and final measurement times for which the exposure level of the single event exceeded the threshold level. 


Simply stated, when an aircraft approaches a particular noise monitor, aircraft noise begins to elevate above a specified threshold level.  The noise level will increase until the aircraft is directly over the noise measuring point at which time the noise level begins to decrease until the noise drops below the threshold level. 


Single Event Noise Exposure Levels are measured in decibels (dB).  Decibels measure the power or intensity or magnitude of sound on a logarithmic scale relative to a specified or implied reference level.


As such, SEL describes cumulative noise exposure from a single event along with the Maximum Level (Lmax) which is the highest level during a single event.   


Single Event Noise Exposure Level measurements are not a combination of cumulative events.  They present a problem in that they do not present an accurate depiction of noise exposure nor do they reflect a true representation of noise impacts on a community.


Williams Aviation Consultants Inc. is a knowledgeable Aviation Consulting Company which has a history of providing our clients with personalized service and has experience in analyzing and mitigating environmental noise impacts.  Our clients, regarding community SEL noise related issues include communities, cities and special interest groups.


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