Safety Management Systems (SMS)

A Safety Management System (SMS) is, in essence a quality management approach to controlling risk which provides the organizational framework to support a sound safety culture. For airport operators and ATC providers, a Safety Management System can form the core of the organization’s safety efforts. For certificated operators such as airlines, air taxi operators, and aviation training organizations, an SMS can also serve as an efficient and effective means of interfacing with FAA certificate oversight offices.


The objective of a Safety Management System is to provide a structured management system to control risk in operations and to provide a company’s management with a detailed roadmap for monitoring safety-related processes.


Williams Aviation Consultants, Inc has first-hand knowledge of all facets of Air Traffic Control and airport operations; from SMS design/implementation, driver training, airside/landside terminal operations, Airport Rescue Fire Fighter (ARFF) response requirements to threat/terrorist mitigation and airfield risk management.  Our consultants have authored and continue to deliver an FAA – mandated course on airport operations for senior flight supervisors from the three major Port Authority of New York and New Jersey airports. 


Williams Aviation Consultants, Inc. has substantial expertise in all required areas to satisfy SMS design and/or implementation requirements.  Each consultant brings experience and expertise that is relevant and required to ensure the formulation of a satisfactory, efficient and effective system.


Additionally, Williams’ policy is to assign project specific consultants based on their corporate knowledge, understanding of issues, ability to contribute to the overall success of the project and the requirement to limit the number of participants to a manageable, cost effective level.


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