Alliances, Partnerships, Loyalty Program Development

Alliances, partnerships, and loyalty programs share one thing in common, and that is to leverage the strength of other entities to achieve increased visibility and to generate demand from new sources. Looking at it another way, to gain access to someone else’s money to reach a far greater audience. However, alliances, partnerships and loyalty programs all have various challenges, opportunities and pitfalls.


In a low cost business environment, alliances can easily add significant cost without sufficiently making up for it in value. Someone has to manage the relationships. Special software development and integration may be needed. Partnerships are excellent when a shared goal and common level of commitment exists, but the wrong type of partnership can be costly, and even damage brand equity. Loyalty Programs are primarily a tool to protect market share. Rather than bearing the cost of introducing or aligning with a third party loyalty program, a smaller fast emerging company might be better to first focus on recognition of existing customers and, for example, to introduce a referral reward program.


Williams Aviation Consultants Inc. offers assistance to companies and organizations trying to determine the best strategies in the, alliances, partnerships and loyalty program development commercial environment.


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