Pricing – Revenue and Yield Management

A less than optimum approach to pricing is something most companies have in common yet, deficiencies in pricing strategies can be seriously damaging. Some companies use a pricing strategy of “mark-up over costs”; others confine their view of pricing to return on investment, while others simply emulate the competition. Many companies focus more on product and promotion than they do on pricing strategies. Yet price is what generates income, versus other parts of the marketing mix that generate expenditure.


At Williams Aviation Consultants Inc. we provide commercial development expertise on pricing strategies. In some cases, partial assistance will be needed, in others, more extensive. Areas covered may include some or all of:

  • Clarification of the pricing role for the company
  • Establishing price objectives
  • Prerequisites to achieving the role
  • Customer price proposition and sensitivity
  • Forces impacting pricing strategy
  • Key strategies of perceived-value pricing and value pricing
  • Impacts of simple price variances
  • Product pricing strategy and competitive position
  • Pricing role in promotion
  • Pricing strategy for distributors
  • Avoiding complexity
  • Pricing measurement   


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