Ultimate in Online Booking Development

An Airline’s Booking Engine needs should be aligned with the existing or intended Airline business model and market positioning, ultimately offering: 

  1. Ability to support the entire business process
  2. Speed
  3. Customization, so that an Airline’s unique needs can be tailored or developed to support niche market positioning
  4. Flexibility for changes to be made quickly in response to sudden changes in the market.
  5. Lowest cost 

The achievement of Booking Engine Solutions in all of these areas is rare, for example, Legacy “off the shelf” booking engines have limited or no capability in areas 3 – 5 above.  However, Williams Aviation Consultants Inc. can guide you on options to ultimately achieve all of these attributes, along with the ability to book additional ancillary revenue streams all in the one database with the air booking

  • “Internal” ancillary items, being charges made for in-flight extras such as seat preferences or pre-purchased catering)
  • “External” ancillary items such as car rentals, vacation packages and other services and products associated with the customer’s travel, and not out-sourced to third party online travel agents. Since customers almost always book their air travel first, Airlines are ideally positioned to gain control over their customers while achieving these new external ancillary revenue streams, which can become almost as important as passenger revenues.


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