Action Planning and Accountability

Overall company and organizational goals, strategies, and objectives need to be filtered into departmental, team, and individual accountabilities that, therefore, are all aligned to achievement of the “big picture”. An effective action planning and accountability program for individuals is next essential step. Williams Aviation Consultants Inc. offers assistance to companies and organizations needing to implement a professional action planning and accountability program.


Department, team and individual objectives are established as a direct contribution to company objectives (e.g. revenue target objectives). Individual action plans should identify these, and the specific tactical methods and actions that are needed to achieve these objectives.  A “GAP analysis” approach should also be considered to identify each element of the business plan and specific actions that are needed. For example:



Effective action planning and accountability requires implementation of formalized position descriptions and an appraisal system to enable everyone to be focused and accountable for their specific objectives (the “what”), strategies and tactics (the “how”), and have the opportunity to give and receive feedback on progress.


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