Business Opportunity Evaluation

Many great ideas are far removed from being a Commercial Business Opportunity.  At Williams Aviation Consultants Inc., we provide Business Opportunity Evaluation assistance to individuals, companies, or organizations. This may involve the reevaluation of an existing business opportunity, or an analysis of a new business idea.


We also provide assistance in writing an “Elevator Pitch” to describe the opportunity to potential investors, and/or a Product Positioning Statement and Unique Selling Proposition to attract customers.


We follow a process of evaluating the business opportunity with its ability to create and capture new demand, the value proposition, how uncontested it is and/or any proprietary advantage, timing, market size, growth and share, competition and barriers to entry, start-up costs, investment needs, distribution plans, demand generation, existing or intended nature of people resource, pricing, return on investment, and future development or exit strategy.


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