Core Business Drives, Positioning, Customer Segmentation

It is common for company business plans to lack sufficient strategic market positioning, i.e. to be unclear about the core drivers of the business, where and how to position in the market for advantage, and precisely who the customers are that occupy this space. This will weaken strategic growth prospects and may ultimately threaten survival.


A well determined plan around core business drivers, positioning and customer segmentation will enable the organization to place every emphasis on customer acquisition using a consistent and highly meaningful positioning message. Competition will become way less relevant.  


As part of assistance with commercial development expertise, Williams Aviation Consultants Inc. offers facilitation of this planning process, including:

  • Examination of core drivers, comparison of existing positioning with niche positioning in less contested space
  • Cautioning of strategic change that detracts too much from existing customer perceptions Instead, building on present customer knowledge and perception of the business
  • Customer segmentation analysis to revisit and/or identify primary and secondary customers Prospects for creating a whole new customer segment
  • “What if” scenarios of competitive reaction
  • Clear identification of changes needed
  • Outcome needs – e.g. perceived differentiation; slight variation to existing product; significant change in product design and presentation
  • How to communicate such new direction throughout the organization and to customers


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