Demand Generation and Communication Strategies

The greatest challenge facing most companies in developing demand generation and communication strategies is figuring out how to reach the most customers with the least expenditure. These strategies can be ineffective and expenditure wasted because: 

  1. Strategic outcomes are unclear and not focused.
  2. The message doesn’t sufficiently motivate the target customer or talk to the market positioning or product USP.
  3. Not enough is known about the target customer.
  4. Expenditure is dissipated.
  5. Lack of promotional expenditure accountability. Return on investment is unknown or unreported.

Williams Aviation Consultants Inc. offers assistance with the development of demand generation and communication strategies. We dedicate particular focus to key “everyday weakness” areas by addressing: 

  • Assistance with the creation of demand generation and communication strategy objectives
  • Message creation aligned to agreed positioning, appealing to emotive engagement, and to where the target customer is in the buying process:
    • To be influenced
    • Seeking information, researching
    • Wanting to be advised  
  • A “day in the life of” approach to determining target customer communication tactics
  • The need to “own space” and create greatest impact with few communication channels, rather than spreading money around weakening impact
  • Measurement and accountability


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