Strategic Development: Vision, Mission, Values, Goals

Most employees in companies today have difficulty in understanding or closely relating to the company Vision and Mission. Goals and Values are often developed without key stakeholders within the company being properly involved, with a resulting lack in productivity and engagement of the company’s most important asset, its people. 


Williams Aviation Consultants Inc. offers assistance to companies and organizations in this most critical area of company strategic development. We use a method which: 

  • Goes through the thought and development process in developing a Vision and Mission
  • Show-cases both good and bad examples of Visions and Missions used by some of today’s prominent companies
  • Ensures that company Goals are derived from and link to the agreed Mission
  • Demonstrates how to develop Core Values in such a way that best practices surrounding these are readily adhered to and sustained
  •  Identifies the role of the executive management team in the overall development process  of Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals


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