Design: Brand, Logo, Tagline, Presentations, Promotional Material

Williams Aviation Consultants Inc. provides services to companies and organizations seeking help with creating and designing brand names, logos, taglines, and in preparing compelling presentations and promotional material. Preparation is directly aligned to the company or organization’s overall positioning, or the product’s unique selling proposition.


Success in creating presentations and promotional material firstly needs careful planning in order to correctly customize for the type of customer, nature of the product, and where you are at in the selling cycle. A decision is then made on adoption of the right tone, “look and feel”, format, and content.


An option we recommend to achieve a higher level of interest is a story telling approach that includes:

  • A scene-setter, to enable a target customer to have empathy and understanding of why they should be interested
  • Brief but very compelling description of the problem (which you will solve for them)
  • The result of the problem (if left unsolved), potential and real
  • The story turning point, where you create expectation and hope
  • Your solution, key benefit statement
  • A call for action, asking the target customer to act


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