Sales Development Strategies

The key to success in the selling side of marketing activity is to ensure highly successful Sales strategies are in place, and that these strategies support the market positioning and all elements of the Marketing mix.  In some companies, Sales operates as a department within Marketing. In others, Marketing and Sales operate under different umbrellas. In either structure there are many challenges associated with achieving proper alignment.


Williams Aviation Consultants Inc. offers companies and organizations invaluable expertise in Sales strategy development through a knowledge base built from many years of experience in executive level marketing and sales management in aviation and other industries. Our support in Sales strategy development includes:  


  • Focusing on the most efficient process, which is to maximize the amount of time that Sales spends developing client relationships and closing sales
  • Ensuring that Sales development strategies are properly aligned with Marketing strategies and the direction of the business 


We also provide input and expertise on steps in professional selling, the account development process, Sales letter preparation, Sales presentations, Sales promotional material, and website development in support of the Sales effort.


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