Obstruction Marking and Lighting

Williams Aviation Consultants, Inc is committed to providing a complete and thorough analysis of Marking and Lighting issues encountered by developers.  Williams has experience in the development of innovative and workable alternative solutions when Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) “Marking and Lighting Recommendations” are impractical or otherwise unworkable.


Alternative Marking and Lighting modifications include “Marking and or Lighting only a portion a structure”, “No Marking or Lighting” and “Deviations” in colors, dimensions, light types and intensities, flash rates and night/day lighting combinations.


Developers of Refineries, Wind Turbine Farms and Antenna Farms who have projects in the vicinity of airports or other landing facilities may encounter unusual or unique conditions that are specific to their particular industry that require innovative solutions for Marking and Lighting.


Williams’ expertise in aviation related subject matter enables us to help developers navigate through the technical waters of Advisory Circular AC 70/7460-1K, Obstruction Marking and Lighting.  Williams Aviation Consultants Inc. offers our expertise Developers of Refineries, Wind Turbine Farms and Antenna Farms as a viable resource for Marking and Lighting issues.


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