Wildlife Mitigation

Wildlife Mitigation for projects near airports, in areas of low flying aircraft and for existing or for future water features and artificial lakes around golf courses and housing developments is a problem that is not easily solved and has proved to require diverse solutions. 


Mitigation efforts range from habitat management to predation by other species to lethal control techniques.  Varying kinds of wildlife and their percentage of involvement for aircraft strikes include birds (97%) and mammals (3%).


Airport planning and Wildlife Mitigation should go hand in hand in those areas where wildlife is or may become an issue for aircraft.  For example, proper landscaping can deter wildlife from airport habitat while natural landscaping will attract wildlife.  In the period from 1990 through 1999, 430 civil aircraft were involved with deer strikes.  This is evidence that wildlife habitat on or near airports would benefit from mitigation efforts.


Identifying existing natural wildlife habitat through a Wildlife Assessment as well as Mitigating Wildlife habitat near airports through an Airport Wildlife Management Plan will aid in the reduction of incidents between aircraft and animals.


Williams Aviation Consultants Inc. offers Wildlife Mitigation Services for the development of Airport Wildlife Management Plans for existing airports or for airport planning.  Williams also offers an initial Wildlife Mitigation Assessment for existing or for future airports and also for existing or for future water features and artificial lakes around golf courses and housing developments.


We are committed to providing a complete and thorough analysis of Wildlife Mitigation issues encountered by airport developers/owners and land developers.  Williams has experience in the development of innovative and workable solutions for a wide variety of aviation problems.


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